‘When someone asks me, “what is the best online business to start?”, I do not hesitate. After a few years of trying many things… just because I am the kind person who suffers from ‘shiny object syndrome’, I know where I would have started if I knew what I know now. The answer would be the same even when my friends or family ask, I would let them know straight, simply because there are some key things you need to know before you start.

In this article you will discover the best online business to start even if you are a complete beginner.

What Is The Most Successful Online Business?

You might have begun your own research here by asking this. But you are asking the wrong question.

Because that’s like asking ‘what is the most successful business you can start today’ whether it is online or offline. But like any off-line business, there is no guarantee that any online business can be successful and in the same way there is no guarantee that any business would fail. But for sure, there are plenty of people who are successful at running an online business. I am sure you have heard others say, ‘success is down to you’.

There is some truth in it, but personally I believe you need both elements; your strong intention to succeed and the system/business you use to get there.

We will get to the system bit in a moment but for now the question to ask is how successful do you want to be? And how do you define success?

At this stage I would say the wrong thing to do is to look for something to do just so that you can be like someone else.

Because it may not be your ‘thing’!

Most people make a mistake of thinking about products to sell first before starting a business which comes from a traditional mindset of starting a business. In the past, you may have come up with a good idea, an invention or products to sell and then start a business, but possibly only to find out they don’t sell. With internet business, you can avoid this when starting out.

Do not choose your online business by products or service to sell.

What Are The Best Online Business Ideas?

As I said above, do not wait until you come up with ideas like creating the next social media platform, online software to compete with Zoom or Netflix. There is no need.

Your idea will come eventually after you have started your business. YOu want to keep things very simple and flexible to begin with especially if you are starting a business in your spare time.

‘Simple’ meaning, start a business selling products that you don’t need to create yourself or keep in stock. Creating a product can take time and cost. Even if you are to sell goods created by someone else, you need to buy a bulk of them at a wholesale price, keep them in stock and take a risk of them not selling.

You do not need to create a product or hold an inventory to start a business.

I am going to explain what kind of business that you can start that you don’t need to create products or keep them in stock.

What is the key skill needed to succeed with online business?

Now you are asking the right question. Think about it. Whatever you choose to sell, whether it is your own online service or beautiful products, and no matter how wonderful and useful they are, if people do not know about it, you will not be able to sell. If you don’t make a sale, you don’t have a business.

You can now begin to understand, that it’s not what you sell that’s important, it is knowing HOW TO sell online. Selling online is very different from traditional business. Things work differently.

You have the opportunity to reach many millions of people all over the world, all at the same time, but equally you have to know how to reach them when people are scrolling online and constantly distracted in these modern times.

So when you learn to sell well online, you can sell almost anything.

What is the simplest online business I can start today?

The business model I recommend anyone to start as an online business is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business whereby you sell other people’s products and services and get paid a commission. As simple as that.

There are hundreds of products and services to choose from which are all ready to be sold online. The commission ranges anything from 3% to 75% most commonly. Affiliate marketing is the simplest methods to sell online and suits anyone who is just starting out.

However, you still need to learn the right steps to get started. Many companies which would like you to promote their product asks for your website, your website address and how you intend to promote their products. So you need those as a minimum to get started.

I also recommend that you learn this properly from the beginning as I personally wasted so much time trying to figure it out myself. There are many training programs available at relatively low cost which I have used and reviewed personally that I can recommend.

How to Choose The Right Training.

I have lost count on the number of online training programs I have taken over the years. I have tried weekend internet training program, online coaching program, videos on YouTube but what I recommend personally is what I have used and still use to this day.

Being someone who likes to keep things simple, I like having everything under one roof. When I say everything, the website hosting, online training course, access to mentors, receiving industry updates and having a community of like-minded people for support. An alternative way to do it is to have your website hosted by a hosting company, receive a training elsewhere and employing a coach who has no experience of what you are going through.

There are things you might decide you don’t need or can do yourself. But if you think you are doing that just to save money on a training course, I can tell you, I thought about that, too. But by receiving the right training, it is more likely that you start earning more quickly than going it alone so your investment is likely to pay off more quickly, too.

That’s’ why most of us went to school to get taught things from people who knew about the subject because that is more efficient than figuring out yourself whether the earth is round or flat.

It honestly has made a huge difference to me in transforming my life from being stuck in a job I was unhappy and unfulfilled, to a life with more freedom. The transformation did not happen instantly though. There were days I doubted my own ability and felt insecure. Because ‘unlearning’ the traditional way to work took time for me. But I never wanted to go back to my last ‘job’.

The most important thing about starting an online business is actually knowing your ‘why’; why you want an online business. Most of us want the flexibility that it can provide. Bu there might be other things you probably feel quite strongly about. Perhaps you want to be more in control of your future, as an example.

It is a good idea to have an option to choose what you want to do after you have started rather than deciding on exactly what you are going to sell.

With this affiliate marketing course you will have a chance to explore your interest and continue to learn other ways of generating an income. For example, when you know how to sell online, suddenly you will see other opportunities and confidence to diversify, such as starting an ecommerce business alongside your affiliate marketing or switching completely.

But it is a good idea to start learning how to sell online by learning to sell other people’s produces and services as an affiliate first.

I have a gift of free training for you to get started and discover the right option for you as this is the best way to check it out for yourself. 

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