Six Figure Mentors (Digital Expers LLC)

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SFM is a company that provides an all-in-one digital business system and internet training program which include step-by-step training courses, digital tools, community and more (see below for whats included). There are a vast number of training programs and digital tools that can be accessed as a member. They have their own affiliate program which pays up to 40% commission on referrals plus tiered commission system, as well as training on how to create residual income from other multiple sources. 

Are the founders sitting back and just letting the money roll in?

Start Ross and Jay Kubassek are the joint founders of  SFM. They were both successful internet marketers individually when they met and started the company with a vision to help as many people as possible to learn digital skills. They believe in helping people thrive not just by making money on the internet but through personal growth and making a difference in society. Stuart and Jay are still fully involved in the training and the systems, ensuring the training are updated and relevant, which include recent semi overhaul of training programs and platforms. 


Free 90 minute webinar workshop ‘How to make your first 10K online’ is currently being offered in response the pandemic which explains the three main route to generating an income on the internet. The methods are explained with case studies of people who have focused on each method.  

The all in one package include step-by-step training course on setting up marketing on different plaforms, digital tools including creating your own wordpress website, dedicated system support team availabe 24/7, personal stsystem consultant, weekly webinars by multiple mentors, and live events.

    Members can access training programs to earn money as an SFM affiliate, through other affiliate programs or both.

    1. Making money on the internet

    2. How affiliate marketing works 

    3. Setting up your website

    4. Attracting customers and generating sales

    5. Other proven marketing methods and tools

    To summerise

    • Step by step online bite size training
    • Access to other specific training such as advertising on Facebook and YouTube.  
    • Dedicated system support team available 24/7
    • System platform to create website, access trainings, community, system support, Q&A.
    • Personal system consultant that you can talk to on the phone. 
    • Weekly webinars by numerous mentors including meditation and motivational calls

    Who This is For

    This is a ‘something for everyone’ type of membership program suitable for someone who wants a residual income on the side to someone who wants to sell their own branded physical products in a systemised way.

    Training is designed to be delivered in a bize size chunks to avoid an ‘overwhelm’ as this is one of the reasons people give up when presented with too much information.

    When the basic is done, then you can access more specialised training such as marketing on social media. This is probably suitable for people who enjoys interaction with other members as well as having regular support and insights through live motivational sessions by mentors, specialists and other members.

    Who this is not for

    This is probably not for people who are just interested in making money and are looking for a get rich quick scheme.  There is a stong empasis on protecting their assets and ethics in marketing thier brand and their programs so if you are thnkming about aggresive marketing methed, this is not for you. If you don’t like the idea of minglingwith like minded people, you should also stay away. 

    Why I have picked this

    There are four main reasons I really like about SFM’s program.

    1 Instead of focusing on how much money you can make, it encourages you to create a residual income in order to free up your time so that you can pursue life’s purpose.  While many other internet business opportunities focus on what money can buy (Lambo and jets), the SFM show you how to find your own niche based on your passion and create a business that can fit around other commitments while building a regular income stream. It is a genius.

    2. The commission structure is the most generous I have seen. As an affiliate, you can earn up to 40% commission on other products that the SFM offers as well as a system to build a residual income. There is also a membership level that pays you commission on second-tier which means you get paid a commission on the referral of the member you have referred which is awesome.

    3. Instead of one person who has made millions showing you how he/she did it, this is an organisation dedicated to educating people on how to create a better life for themselves.  The SFM has multiple people speakers who have succeeded individually and sharing their wisdom. It’s like you get many mentors, not just one. I think this is a fantastic value for money.

    4. Because members are there for their life’s purpose, rather than just to make money, the community has a different feel to other business groups. Many other business opportunities provide Facebook groups etc to connect with other people, but from my experience, these all go quiet after a few months. With the SFM, members have a shared goal of helping others which seem to be the element that helps sustain an active community.


    Founder, Smarter Work -Life Balance