Pentagon Labs LLC

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The founder of the company is John Crestani who is one of the biggest names in internet marketing. He started online marketing after reading the book 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and decided that he wanted to create a freedom-based lifestyle for himself and his family. However, things did not work out straight away. He spent the next 4 years trying to earn money from the internet. He eventually found an effective method of succeeding in the affiliate marketing world. He claims that he earns over $1million per month from his affiliate marketing business and has helped many to do the same.  He gives away 90 minutes of a free webinar which shows in real how he makes his money using the internet using the simple method.


In the free 90-minute training video, John explains in real time how he actually makes money on the internet as an affiliate marketer. He also goes through mistakes that most affiliate marketers are making. After his success in affiliate marketing, John has created the internet marketing training program, Super Affiliate System which is more suitable if you want to accelerate your result and learn directly from one of the best.

John walks through exactly how affiliate marketing works in practice. Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby you get paid a percentage on any sales after a visitor has clicked your link. This method of earning is made possible by the use of unique links you use as an affiliate. John explains how to create these links as well as every element required to get set up in a series of easy-to-follow how-to guides. This includes finding affiliate offers and how to promote them. He shows you how can choose from thousands of different products and services you can choose to promote which offer the highest payouts.

1. How to find people to sell products to

2. Where to sell the products

3. What to sell

4. How to advertise for free

5. Students’ case studies – learn from other’s mistakes and successes.

6. VIP support

Who This is For

This is for you if you want to earn an income simply by learning to be in the middle of internet sales already happening by tapping into millions of internet transactions each day. If you are a kind of person who is happy to sell what sells without working with specific demographics, you will do well by learning what is working now.

Who this is not for

This is not for you if you want to create your own fan base or become an influencer in a specific field or create a business around your own passion and only want to work with a certain type of demographics as this business model does not involve a person to person interactions within the monetary transactions.

At first, I did not like John’s approach of showing off cash and throwing notes at the camera as I thought this was disrespectful to money. But I watched his free webinar and I got amazing value from it. It actually reminded me why I started this website and why I wanted to change the way I work to create more freedom of time. As with any business start-up, you must be prepared to spend some time to learn the technique, but with affiliate marketing, you are tapping into the market that already exists. It does not involve creating your own product or ebook or seminars. It is the simplest way to get started at generating an income from the internet. He has many testimonials from successful students which are genuine and it shows that if you really want to create a living from an affiliate marketing, you can.


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