Hi I'm Yumi

Life Coach and Business Mentor

Helping you channel your full potential

My mission is to help as many people as possible to create a better work-life balance for real, not just to dream about it, with a systemised and holistic approach.

My Story

I was born in Japan but lived in New York early in my life and although I spent my youth in Japan, I have been living in the UK for the last 30 years where I now call home.

Apart from my three wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren, visiting my mother in Japan and travelling, my real passion is to help people live a balanced life with prosperity, health and happiness.

I have run small businesses in the motor industry, consumer products,  worked as a freelance interpreter for the UK Government. I have also worked for several global British and Japanese companies in bilingual roles as well as doing random jobs just to fit around raising my three children.  My last ‘job’ was a bilingual finance business partner role in a global Japanese electronics company.

But I was unhappy, stressed and tired….

I was missing out on the simple joys of spending time with my family, visiting my mother in Japan, socialising with friends and seeing the world while I was stuck earning salaried income with just 25 days a year annual leave…

…until I discovered a way to earn plenty of money without working crazy hours or sacrificing my sanity. 

Success Solution

Use a proven business system, develop a success mindset and receive ongoing coaching and network of people who share the same value. 

Why Teach The Method

First of all, I am super passionate about having the right balance between work and life.  So much so that I have written a book about it. I truly believe everyone should have a choice to work in a way that fits around their family and other life commitments rather than trying to fit life around a job. 

Having spent years trying to find a way and tested options to finally arrived at this super method of attaining true work-life balance, I see people going through the same motion of testing, thinking, procrastinating while trying to find the solution to their hectic, unfulfilled life.

I have decided to share my knowledge and experience to help those who are really serious about transforming their lives to abundant health, wealth and happiness.

Smart Zen 

‘How to adopt the Zen approach to life and business for more wealth, health and happiness’

is available now!